AutoThrottle extension

This is an extension for automatically throttling crawling speed based on load of both the Scrapy server and the website you are crawling.

Design goals

  1. be nicer to sites instead of using default download delay of zero
  2. automatically adjust scrapy to the optimum crawling speed, so the user doesn’t have to tune the download delays and concurrent requests to find the optimum one. The user only needs to specify the maximum concurrent requests it allows, and the extension does the rest.

How it works

In Scrapy, the download latency is measured as the time elapsed between establishing the TCP connection and receiving the HTTP headers.

Note that these latencies are very hard to measure accurately in a cooperative multitasking environment because Scrapy may be busy processing a spider callback, for example, and unable to attend downloads. However, these latencies should still give a reasonable estimate of how busy Scrapy (and ultimately, the server) is, and this extension builds on that premise.

Throttling algorithm

This adjusts download delays and concurrency based on the following rules:

  1. spiders always start with one concurrent request and a download delay of AUTOTHROTTLE_START_DELAY
  2. when a response is received, the download delay is adjusted to the average of previous download delay and the latency of the response.


The AutoThrottle extension honours the standard Scrapy settings for concurrency and delay. This means that it will never set a download delay lower than DOWNLOAD_DELAY or a concurrency higher than CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_PER_DOMAIN (or CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_PER_IP, depending on which one you use).


The settings used to control the AutoThrottle extension are:

For more information see Throttling algorithm.


Default: False

Enables the AutoThrottle extension.


Default: 5.0

The initial download delay (in seconds).


Default: 60.0

The maximum download delay (in seconds) to be set in case of high latencies.


Default: False

Enable AutoThrottle debug mode which will display stats on every response received, so you can see how the throttling parameters are being adjusted in real time.