Source code for scrapy.spiders

Base class for Scrapy spiders

See documentation in docs/topics/spiders.rst
import logging
import warnings

from scrapy import signals
from scrapy.http import Request
from scrapy.utils.trackref import object_ref
from scrapy.utils.url import url_is_from_spider
from scrapy.utils.deprecate import method_is_overridden

[docs]class Spider(object_ref): """Base class for scrapy spiders. All spiders must inherit from this class. """ name = None custom_settings = None def __init__(self, name=None, **kwargs): if name is not None: = name elif not getattr(self, 'name', None): raise ValueError("%s must have a name" % type(self).__name__) self.__dict__.update(kwargs) if not hasattr(self, 'start_urls'): self.start_urls = [] @property def logger(self): logger = logging.getLogger( return logging.LoggerAdapter(logger, {'spider': self})
[docs] def log(self, message, level=logging.DEBUG, **kw): """Log the given message at the given log level This helper wraps a log call to the logger within the spider, but you can use it directly (e.g.'msg')) or use any other Python logger too. """ self.logger.log(level, message, **kw)
[docs] @classmethod def from_crawler(cls, crawler, *args, **kwargs): spider = cls(*args, **kwargs) spider._set_crawler(crawler) return spider
def _set_crawler(self, crawler): self.crawler = crawler self.settings = crawler.settings crawler.signals.connect(self.close, signals.spider_closed)
[docs] def start_requests(self): cls = self.__class__ if not self.start_urls and hasattr(self, 'start_url'): raise AttributeError( "Crawling could not start: 'start_urls' not found " "or empty (but found 'start_url' attribute instead, " "did you miss an 's'?)") if method_is_overridden(cls, Spider, 'make_requests_from_url'): warnings.warn( "Spider.make_requests_from_url method is deprecated; it " "won't be called in future Scrapy releases. Please " "override Spider.start_requests method instead (see %s.%s)." % ( cls.__module__, cls.__name__ ), ) for url in self.start_urls: yield self.make_requests_from_url(url) else: for url in self.start_urls: yield Request(url, dont_filter=True)
def make_requests_from_url(self, url): """ This method is deprecated. """ warnings.warn( "Spider.make_requests_from_url method is deprecated: " "it will be removed and not be called by the default " "Spider.start_requests method in future Scrapy releases. " "Please override Spider.start_requests method instead." ) return Request(url, dont_filter=True)
[docs] def parse(self, response): raise NotImplementedError('{}.parse callback is not defined'.format(self.__class__.__name__))
@classmethod def update_settings(cls, settings): settings.setdict(cls.custom_settings or {}, priority='spider') @classmethod def handles_request(cls, request): return url_is_from_spider(request.url, cls) @staticmethod def close(spider, reason): closed = getattr(spider, 'closed', None) if callable(closed): return closed(reason) def __str__(self): return "<%s %r at 0x%0x>" % (type(self).__name__,, id(self)) __repr__ = __str__
# Top-level imports from scrapy.spiders.crawl import CrawlSpider, Rule from scrapy.spiders.feed import XMLFeedSpider, CSVFeedSpider from scrapy.spiders.sitemap import SitemapSpider