Source code for scrapy.utils.reactor

import asyncio
from contextlib import suppress

from twisted.internet import asyncioreactor, error

from scrapy.utils.misc import load_object

def listen_tcp(portrange, host, factory):
    """Like reactor.listenTCP but tries different ports in a range."""
    from twisted.internet import reactor
    if len(portrange) > 2:
        raise ValueError(f"invalid portrange: {portrange}")
    if not portrange:
        return reactor.listenTCP(0, factory, interface=host)
    if not hasattr(portrange, '__iter__'):
        return reactor.listenTCP(portrange, factory, interface=host)
    if len(portrange) == 1:
        return reactor.listenTCP(portrange[0], factory, interface=host)
    for x in range(portrange[0], portrange[1] + 1):
            return reactor.listenTCP(x, factory, interface=host)
        except error.CannotListenError:
            if x == portrange[1]:

class CallLaterOnce:
    """Schedule a function to be called in the next reactor loop, but only if
    it hasn't been already scheduled since the last time it ran.

    def __init__(self, func, *a, **kw):
        self._func = func
        self._a = a
        self._kw = kw
        self._call = None

    def schedule(self, delay=0):
        from twisted.internet import reactor
        if self._call is None:
            self._call = reactor.callLater(delay, self)

    def cancel(self):
        if self._call:

    def __call__(self):
        self._call = None
        return self._func(*self._a, **self._kw)

[docs]def install_reactor(reactor_path, event_loop_path=None): """Installs the :mod:`~twisted.internet.reactor` with the specified import path. Also installs the asyncio event loop with the specified import path if the asyncio reactor is enabled""" reactor_class = load_object(reactor_path) if reactor_class is asyncioreactor.AsyncioSelectorReactor: with suppress(error.ReactorAlreadyInstalledError): if event_loop_path is not None: event_loop_class = load_object(event_loop_path) event_loop = event_loop_class() asyncio.set_event_loop(event_loop) else: event_loop = asyncio.get_event_loop() asyncioreactor.install(eventloop=event_loop) else: *module, _ = reactor_path.split(".") installer_path = module + ["install"] installer = load_object(".".join(installer_path)) with suppress(error.ReactorAlreadyInstalledError): installer()
def verify_installed_reactor(reactor_path): """Raises :exc:`Exception` if the installed :mod:`~twisted.internet.reactor` does not match the specified import path.""" from twisted.internet import reactor reactor_class = load_object(reactor_path) if not isinstance(reactor, reactor_class): msg = ("The installed reactor " f"({reactor.__module__}.{reactor.__class__.__name__}) does not " f"match the requested one ({reactor_path})") raise Exception(msg) def is_asyncio_reactor_installed(): from twisted.internet import reactor return isinstance(reactor, asyncioreactor.AsyncioSelectorReactor)