Source code for scrapy.mail

Mail sending helpers

See documentation in docs/topics/email.rst
import logging
from email import encoders as Encoders
from email.mime.base import MIMEBase
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.nonmultipart import MIMENonMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.utils import formatdate
from io import BytesIO

from twisted import version as twisted_version
from twisted.internet import defer, ssl
from twisted.python.versions import Version

from scrapy.utils.misc import arg_to_iter
from scrapy.utils.python import to_bytes

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# Defined in the email.utils module, but undocumented:

def _to_bytes_or_none(text):
    if text is None:
        return None
    return to_bytes(text)

[docs]class MailSender: def __init__( self, smtphost="localhost", mailfrom="scrapy@localhost", smtpuser=None, smtppass=None, smtpport=25, smtptls=False, smtpssl=False, debug=False, ): self.smtphost = smtphost self.smtpport = smtpport self.smtpuser = _to_bytes_or_none(smtpuser) self.smtppass = _to_bytes_or_none(smtppass) self.smtptls = smtptls self.smtpssl = smtpssl self.mailfrom = mailfrom self.debug = debug
[docs] @classmethod def from_settings(cls, settings): return cls( smtphost=settings["MAIL_HOST"], mailfrom=settings["MAIL_FROM"], smtpuser=settings["MAIL_USER"], smtppass=settings["MAIL_PASS"], smtpport=settings.getint("MAIL_PORT"), smtptls=settings.getbool("MAIL_TLS"), smtpssl=settings.getbool("MAIL_SSL"), )
[docs] def send( self, to, subject, body, cc=None, attachs=(), mimetype="text/plain", charset=None, _callback=None, ): from twisted.internet import reactor if attachs: msg = MIMEMultipart() else: msg = MIMENonMultipart(*mimetype.split("/", 1)) to = list(arg_to_iter(to)) cc = list(arg_to_iter(cc)) msg["From"] = self.mailfrom msg["To"] = COMMASPACE.join(to) msg["Date"] = formatdate(localtime=True) msg["Subject"] = subject rcpts = to[:] if cc: rcpts.extend(cc) msg["Cc"] = COMMASPACE.join(cc) if attachs: if charset: msg.set_charset(charset) msg.attach(MIMEText(body, "plain", charset or "us-ascii")) for attach_name, mimetype, f in attachs: part = MIMEBase(*mimetype.split("/")) part.set_payload( Encoders.encode_base64(part) part.add_header( "Content-Disposition", "attachment", filename=attach_name ) msg.attach(part) else: msg.set_payload(body, charset) if _callback: _callback(to=to, subject=subject, body=body, cc=cc, attach=attachs, msg=msg) if self.debug: logger.debug( "Debug mail sent OK: To=%(mailto)s Cc=%(mailcc)s " 'Subject="%(mailsubject)s" Attachs=%(mailattachs)d', { "mailto": to, "mailcc": cc, "mailsubject": subject, "mailattachs": len(attachs), }, ) return dfd = self._sendmail(rcpts, msg.as_string().encode(charset or "utf-8")) dfd.addCallbacks( callback=self._sent_ok, errback=self._sent_failed, callbackArgs=[to, cc, subject, len(attachs)], errbackArgs=[to, cc, subject, len(attachs)], ) reactor.addSystemEventTrigger("before", "shutdown", lambda: dfd) return dfd
def _sent_ok(self, result, to, cc, subject, nattachs): "Mail sent OK: To=%(mailto)s Cc=%(mailcc)s " 'Subject="%(mailsubject)s" Attachs=%(mailattachs)d', { "mailto": to, "mailcc": cc, "mailsubject": subject, "mailattachs": nattachs, }, ) def _sent_failed(self, failure, to, cc, subject, nattachs): errstr = str(failure.value) logger.error( "Unable to send mail: To=%(mailto)s Cc=%(mailcc)s " 'Subject="%(mailsubject)s" Attachs=%(mailattachs)d' "- %(mailerr)s", { "mailto": to, "mailcc": cc, "mailsubject": subject, "mailattachs": nattachs, "mailerr": errstr, }, ) return failure def _sendmail(self, to_addrs, msg): from twisted.internet import reactor msg = BytesIO(msg) d = defer.Deferred() factory = self._create_sender_factory(to_addrs, msg, d) if self.smtpssl: reactor.connectSSL( self.smtphost, self.smtpport, factory, ssl.ClientContextFactory() ) else: reactor.connectTCP(self.smtphost, self.smtpport, factory) return d def _create_sender_factory(self, to_addrs, msg, d): from twisted.mail.smtp import ESMTPSenderFactory factory_keywords = { "heloFallback": True, "requireAuthentication": False, "requireTransportSecurity": self.smtptls, } # Newer versions of twisted require the hostname to use STARTTLS if twisted_version >= Version("twisted", 21, 2, 0): factory_keywords["hostname"] = self.smtphost factory = ESMTPSenderFactory( self.smtpuser, self.smtppass, self.mailfrom, to_addrs, msg, d, **factory_keywords ) factory.noisy = False return factory